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Achieve the positive balance between work and health

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  • Date: Apr 07, 2022

With the advancement in the work culture, many offices have changed the working of their workplace. The balance between work and taking care of your health has become very essential. How can you achieve that? Well, having set goals and proper deadlines can help you achieve the balance more effectively. But if you don’t strike the cord, it can lead to physical and mental health issues.


After Covid offices have begun at full pace and probably the work pressure has also increased. Stress is also a prevalent issue in the workplace. The statistics show the horrific numbers of  1,610 incidents per 100,000 employees, according to the official report. In just a year, nearly half a million people have been afflicted by stress and worry and these numbers are getting worse day by day.


world health day - the lantern studios
How the physical and mental health of employees changed during Covid-19 (Source: The7thFold survey)

These figures are obviously concerning for organisations since lost working days equate to lower productivity and profits. Employees with disturbed mental health can’t work properly in a professional environment as well. When people are unhappy at work, they are unlikely to give their best effort.

Each company wants its employees to be productive and in order to keep their productivity intact, they need to make sure that their employees are happy. Furthermore, organisations can adopt a variety of practical steps to boost mental wellness in the workplace, which may also benefit productivity.

For instance:

  1. Birthday Celebrations
  2. Games at Lunch Break
  3. Make the small events as big events
  4. Boost their work performance
  5. Outings

An average person spends a third of their day at work, so it stands to reason that the environment in which they work might have a substantial impact on their mood and well-being. When it comes to mental health, this is no exception.

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In recent years, there has been a significant shift in attitudes, with businesses becoming more aware of their own duty for safeguarding the physical and mental health of their workers. They have become more aware of their own responsibilities in terms of mental health. They just need to be more open-minded and have forward-thinking while making conscious efforts for their employees’ happiness.


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