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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn in 10 Simple Steps?

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  • Date: Apr 21, 2022

LinkedIn is the one-point solution and marketplace for networking with the most diversified professionals.

Unlike other social platforms, LinkedIn is a place for business-to-business (B2B) and employment-oriented online services. Almost all job seekers and recruiters use this platform for professional networking.


linkedin optimization tips - the lantern studios


Your Linkedin represents who you are at a professional level. Like in your resume, all the details need to be filled in just the right way, similarly, your Linkedin profile is essential to be fully updated. It is indeed an alley to take you to the next level.

You might have come across some LinkedIn profiles and most of them are not well established. Some will have the banner missing, some might not state their work, and some must-have not even set their profile pictures.

Through this blog, we will assist you with 10 easy yet constructive steps to optimize your LinkedIn profile so it will be easily noticeable by recruiters and other clients.


1- Select an appropriate profile picture

Have you ever had any conversation with your colleague or anyone regarding your profile photo, and you may have wondered whether your profile is professional or not?

If you haven’t given it a thought yet, it’s time you did. First and foremost, select your profile photo. Now you must be thinking what kind?


Well, it needs to be a recent professional photo as no recruiter would want to see your cute childhood photo. Next, you may choose to look directly at the camera and avoid wearing any accessories.


Linkedin profile picture optimization - the lantern studios


2- Your Banner Photo is necessary

Your banner photo is essential for people who read about you. Most of the users don’t have cover photos and skip them. It is necessary as it reflects who you are, helps modify your brand, and concerns your professional image. It also increases your credibility and helps you attract the right audience.


3- Write a Clear and Brief Headline

Your LinkedIn headline needs to be more than just a job title. As shown in Image 01, use your headline with the words that can define your work and make your profile easily accessible. You may check the profiles that you already follow or interest you, to get a fair idea of what can be your brief. You may also take it from the internet, but what you put in your own words, would make your description more suitable.


Linkedin profile headline optimizations - the lantern studios


4- Customize your URL on LinkedIn

Customizing your URL makes you easily accessible, and it gives others the ability to find and connect with you. Whether it is in the resume or any other document, you can add and send it to your clients without hassle. In your personal profile, click on “view profile”, you will land on the page as shown in Image 02. On the right corner you can see the option of editing a public URL where you can do the changes. It becomes easier for people to look for you in search engines such as Google and other platforms.


linkedin profile picture optimizations - the lantern studios


5- Define yourself professionally in the summary section

You can tell your professional story in this section. Most people skip this part without understanding its importance, but it is essential. You need to write about your education, experience, unique skills, and a job title that you had/have, refer to Image 03. In terms of recruitment, the company needs to understand your goals and ambitions and make a fair decision on what future you’re looking for with them.


6- Highlight your accomplishments

Featuring your accomplishments is necessary. Throughout your professional life (starting from your professional studies) you should mention all your unique achievements there. This page will look like the image shown below (Image 04). It gives people a sense of knowledge about your expertise, talents, and skills. Mention all the blots points and the significant achievements that make you stand out.


Linkedin accomplishment optmization - the lantern studios


7- Widen your networking

Be mindful of who you would like to add to your LinkedIn profile. Networking here is different from other social platforms. Add the people who you have known and trust professionally, your colleagues or ex-colleagues. Connect with your family and other friends who are in different industries and expand your network. Make sure to write about why you would like to connect with them.


8- Upload links to your website, blog, and YouTube channel

The other user can check out your work by looking through your profile where you can add your website, blog, or YouTube videos. While adding the links, you will get the preview option where you have a chance to modify and bring changes to the title and description as shown in Image 05. Linking your profile to third party platforms gives your connection an easy access to your work.

linkedin other social links optimizations - the lantern studios


9- Share the relevant content consistently

Share relevant, educational posts and get engaged with people. Make sure that the posts you’re sharing need to be practical, insightful, and interesting. Every piece of quality content makes you more visible to hiring managers, recruiters, and industry leaders, so the information that you post has to be clear and honest. LinkedIn content has its roots in long form articles, but today, short posts and videos are encouraged and promoted.


linkedin recommendation optimizations - the lantern studios


10- Request for recommendations on LinkedIn

Last but not the least, request a recommendation. It matters a lot and makes it easy for both the job seeker and the recruiter. It gives the recruiter a chance to get in touch with the previous company and get to know more about the person whereas the job seeker can build a successful profile and reach out to new connections.

Here we’ve discussed the 10 simple steps to get your LinkedIn profile optimized. If you still feel that there’s a need for you to make your or your company’s profile look even more professional, feel free to contact us.



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