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Online vs Traditional Branding

  • Posted By: Admin
  • Date: Jan 16, 2022

Online Branding VS Traditional Branding


Before talking about whether online branding is preferable or traditional, one must know what branding basically is.

A brand can be distinguished on the basis of name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one brand from another.

In today’s time, marketing focus has shifted from selling to branding. It is almost natural for businesses to market their products and services online. People nowadays spend a considerable amount of time online, not just to get information but also to buy products and services.

When we compare online branding to offline, both of them have their pros and cons. Some might be in favour of online and some offline. What we are here to understand is what is preferred by the public?

Online branding comprises all the digital platforms and channels that help you communicate to your audience. It gives you a reach to millions of people around the globe with just one click. Accessibility to online branding is automated as information can be accessed whenever and wherever. Whereas in offline branding it is not the same. We might have restricted reach compared to online but, it might cater to a larger audience with similar tastes.

Companies that have effective online marketing strategies have an edge over those that focus only on offline strategies. They have access to millions of target customers online irrespective of geographical boundaries. For instance, has marketed itself amazingly in the online sphere.

Through Online branding, information about the product orservice is immediately available. One can post a photo, video, price, and specifications of the product or service for all the visitors to see. Customers can ask if they have questions or concerns and provide immediate feedback. However, offline branding platforms like visiting cards, billboards, and print media still cater to a large amount of audience and it is hard to neglect them. Businesses still go on spending a fair amount of money to communicate to audiences in rural India. They still lack the power of the internet and catering to them through online sources is difficult.

In this modern era of cutthroat competition, it is necessary and beneficial for a business to adopt changing marketing strategies.

But at the same time, we cannot ignore the importance of the traditional form of branding as it plays a vital role in our business. Though in urban cities people are connected with the internet more frequently, they at times show interest in offline branding as well.

As the world changes rapidly to adapt to digitalization we get more dependent on online branding and we cannot ignore the influence that it has on our lives and our business.

The online presence in the global market is a long-term approach. It creates credibility and loyalty by offering and rendering excellent service; it builds reputation and recognition among the audience. The emotional impression that the customer experiences ensures that they will commit to the services and recognize the brand in the marketplace.

With the help of online branding, audiences can be easily reached with a perfect framework for each platform, such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, email, etc. They all serve different audiences, so you can understand your audience and design the plan with the right content for the right audience that will promote your brand image instantly.

And at the same time, it is easy to analyze, measure, redefine and optimize with the better ways that work for you.

If different online strategies and campaigns don’t work out, you may plan it another way. But these approaches are not available in offline branding. You would measure and understand how well the advertising is working through the online approach.

Though both offline and online go hand in hand and have their vital part, as a brand you need to examine your strategies both ways. See where you are lacking and how you can find the missing link no matter which strategy you choose. Every single step does not matter big or small; it adds to the advantage or disadvantages of the company. Thus we must present it globally in the most effective way. You want it to be perfect and use each element in your favor. Your dedication to creating valuable content will always pay off.


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