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Do millennials prefer short films over long

  • Posted By: Admin
  • Date: Jan 14, 2022

Do millennials prefer short films over long hour movies?


When it comes to watching TV or any online streaming applications, I am sure we all have been in a place of being couch potatoes and enjoying our leisure time. Especially now that with the increase in online streaming platforms, all kinds of content (short films, web series, movies) is accessible more than ever. At weekends it becomes hard to resist the comfort of the Barca lounge chair with a cup of coffee and the idea of watching your favorite web series on Netflix.

Well, we cannot.

In recent times the demand for short films has increased profoundly and TV Series are also taking a toll on the entertainment world. Do you agree?

According to a study conducted by media consulting firm Ormax Media, as many as 61% of viewers prefer web series as opposed to 21% opting for films. This poll was conducted across 92 cities with about 1,500 respondents of ages 15 and above. (Ref: The Hindu)

Well, it depends from person to person. Some viewers prefer movies and they have always been willing to dedicate more than 2 hours to watch them in one go. You don’t need a daily commitment to watch or have to wait for the release of the upcoming season. The whole narrative depends on the concept of the creation and you can get the entire idea of the movie in 2 hours.

And the most beautiful thing about it is that now it is cheap and accessible. People can share IDs of online platforms and view the content easily on a budget.



On the other hand, online viewers are willing to watch series for less than an hour. They feel that series are a much broader concept and fill you with excitement and thrill. In every phase of life, whether it’s romance, comedy, drama, crime, scientific research, or spirituality, you can somehow link yourself to them. It will revoke your interest & keep you engaged for a longer time. The wait is incomparable as it builds curiosity about what will happen in the next episodes or seasons. Therefore every genre has something to offer to everyone.



Some people love to create the ambience and space at their homes, to watch a few episodes of their favourite series or a movie to generate the cinema’s experience. During the pandemic, when people were at home experiencing lockdown, most families and friends got together and enjoyed the cinema feeling at home to watch the series/ films. At present, it sounds like a perfect plan rather than going out as they love to take time and enjoy their togetherness.

At the same time, some people always have the passion and excitement to visit cinemas with their loved ones and take spare time from their busy schedule and get involved in the entertainment world to cherish the experience though it requires much more time. Thus, excitement vanishes from caring about time.

Some people love novels that are made into movies or series. It is a perfect idea to convert a historical story or a novel into a movie/series. There are some stories that we grew up listening to as a child and have listened to them countless times. They sound interesting as well as familiar to us. So when the director turns those into movies with the latest version it appears as a piece of art. It captivates the heart of the millennium.



The movies are more about the areas of our interest rather than time. Some love fiction and animation, while some love nonfiction, some romance, love story, and spirituality, and everyone has their interest in different genres. The more beautifully the director weaves and crafts the film, the more it gets famous among cinema lovers.

We millennials now have countless access to a variety of movies and series at our fingertips and, we feel bombarded with the availability of the contents. It becomes hard to choose which series or which movies to watch?

Also, we understand that no director produces a film without having an image of the audience in his mind. Everyone has their own belief and choice to choose and watch. Movies, films, and series please and inspire us to bring a positive effect on the quality of our life. Films and movies are all about us, our stories. The more it positively impacts us, the better and more we love them.



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