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Digital Marketing Hacks

  • Posted By: Admin
  • Date: Jan 13, 2022

Digital Marketing Hacks in the time of the Pandemic

Post pandemic many businesses whether small or big have been affected and are now moving to the online platform for their sales and marketing. Whether it’s a B2B or B2C, small scale or large scale, everyone wants customers online. But does anyone know how to really get them?


Here are few hacks that TLS would like you to know about.

1. Research before you promote

Nowadays with so much boom in various industries, the horizon of learning through the internet has expanded. Everyone with an internet connection has access to worldwide information. Studying is not bad, it eventually bears fruits but when a person is designed to run a business why would they want to do a job meant for someone else? Well, we don’t mean to point you out. We are just asking you to know the job but not do it.

Researching can never be secondary. Always know where your money is at. Promote your business wisely. Get people talking about it for all the right reasons. Understand the difference between fame and publicity.

2. Know the right platform

Many times people get confused and start promoting their business on various platforms without any knowledge of it. Supposedly, you are a manufacturer of handmade goods and want to promote business online. You speak to someone and they tell you that LinkedIn is the best platform for manufacturers. Later, you get to know that you have a more focused market on Facebook than any other platform.

3. Know the basics of visual appeal

No matter how many hacks a person learns, what really keeps the promotion going is the visual presentation of the product. Don’t be scared, you need not know designing software for that. There are a lot of platforms online which help you design in the easiest of ways. Apps like Canva give you access to various templates for trending topics.

4. Read the new guidelines every time

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc, are always updating their guidelines to be up in the game but sometimes it can be stressful too. You need to be on your toes to match their trends.


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