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How Diwali campaigns can help brands in marketing

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  • Date: Nov 14, 2023

Diwali is one of the most important festivals in India, and it is that time when brands go all out with their marketing campaigns. A well-crafted Diwali campaign can help brands increase brand awareness, reach new customers, boost sales, and strengthen brand loyalty.
As a digital marketing agency, The Lantern Studios helps a lot of brands to create and execute successful Diwali campaigns. Here are some of the key ways that digital marketing can help brands market themselves during Diwali.

  • Social media marketing: Social media is a powerful tool for reaching a large audience and engaging with potential customers. Brands can use social media to share Diwali-themed content, offer special discounts and promotions, and run contests and giveaways.
  • Search engine marketing (SEM): SEM can help brands reach people who actively search for products and services related to Diwali. By bidding on relevant keywords and creating engaging ad copy, brands can attract more visitors to their websites and online stores.
  • Email marketing: Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with existing customers and promote Diwali offers. Brands can send out email newsletters with Diwali-themed content, special discounts, and early access to new products.
  • Content marketing: Content marketing can help brands educate and inform their target audience about Diwali traditions and customs. By creating and sharing informative content, brands can position themselves as experts in their field and build trust with potential customers.
  • Influencer marketing: Influencer marketing can help brands reach a new audience and promote their products and services to a trusted source. Brands can partner with relevant influencers to create and share Diwali-themed content, run contests and giveaways, and offer exclusive discounts to their followers.

    In addition to these specific digital marketing channels, brands can use other online and offline channels to promote their Diwali campaigns, such as print advertising, in-store promotions, and public relations. Add some examples
    If you are a brand looking to create a successful Diwali marketing campaign, we recommend you partner with a digital marketing agency with experience in creating and executing Diwali campaigns. A digital marketing agency can help you develop a comprehensive campaign strategy, identify the right channels to reach your target audience and create engaging content that will resonate with your customers.

  • Start planning early: Diwali is a busy time for everyone, so it is important to start planning your campaign early. This will give you enough time to develop a creative and effective campaign and to secure the necessary resources.
  • Understand your target audience: What are their needs and wants? What kind of Diwali campaigns have resonated with them in the past? Tailor your campaign to your specific target audience to ensure that it is relevant and engaging.
  • Be creative and innovative: Diwali is a time for celebration, so your campaign should be creative and festive. Use eye-catching visuals and compelling copy to capture the attention of your target audience.
    Promote your campaign across multiple channels: Use a mix of online and offline channels to reach your target audience. This could include social media, email marketing, print advertising, and in-store promotions.
  • Measure your results: It is important to track the results of your Diwali campaign so that you can see what worked well and what didn’t. This will help you to improve your future campaigns.

We hope this blog post has given you some insights into how digital marketing can help brands to market themselves during Diwali. If you need help creating and executing a successful Diwali marketing campaign, please contact us today.

Here is an amazing success story we had with our own client’s Diwali campaign
Goodshine Paints is a company which makes surface polishes for all kinds of materials, Be it wood, metal or glass. Goodshine wanted to hold a creative new campaign for all its dealers, and we provided.
Goodshine is a mostly b2b brand which sells directly to shops and dealers, so we had to get creative with how we pitched our campaign. We eventually decided to keep a giveaway, to keep up with the spirit of Diwali. Since we wanted we include both dealers and the general public, we wanted to keep it simple and accessible, yet not make it too easy to win. Suddenly, we got a flash of inspiration. Diwali is a time for decoration,and of course, Puja. So why don’t we combine those two !

Eventually, our idea was to see how well you can “decorate the house of god”.
Whoever comes up with the most beautiful and creative way to decorate their mandir wins!
Our campaign would run for 7 days, and be circulated on whatsapp, FB and Insta. We wanted to see how far we could push it without running any ads, and we had a pretty good result!

We had almost 70 entrants from all platforms within the first day only! And we got an almost 80% increase in likes and shares across the board in all platforms. The reaction was very positive and most importantly, the dealers were very happy.


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